Nice to know that the god fearing folk of Petersburg Kentucky now have a brand new $25 million dollar privately funded natural history museum. But wait this is America (or land of the dumb-fucks as I like to think of it) so a wander around these exhibits and you’ll soon spot some pretty fundamental differences between this and most other museums. For this is a ‘creationist’ museum. For those of you who don’t know ‘creationists’ believe that the earth is only around 6,000 years old, evolution did not happen, that God created the earth, universe basically everything in just 6 days. We didn’t evolve from more primitive ancestors, the Grand Canyon and all other geological features were created in an instant, and oh yes – you’ll love this one, that we shared this earth with the dinosaurs in peace and harmony in the days following the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Indeed Noah took them with him in the Ark. And there was me thinking it was only the silly old Unicorn that missed out on a place on the world cruise. Noah by the way also invented wine and lived to the ripe old age of 950, he was already 600 years old when God tipped him off about a spot of bad weather headed his way.

I was going to attempt to make light of the utterly preposterous notion of creationism until I started to dig a little deeper, no paleontological pun intended, only to find how wide spread this believe is in the US. Only a few weeks ago three Republican presidential candidates said they do not believe in evolution, and polls suggest that about half of Americans agree. Half for fuck sake! They dismiss the scientific theory that all beings have a common ancestor, believing instead that God created humans in one glorious stroke. Similar numbers of people say the world’s age should be counted in the thousands of years, not billions, as established science would have it. For the record, mainstream scientists currently estimate the age of the Earth at about 4.5 billion years, but don’t try telling that to Ken Ham, an Australian-born evangelist and former high school science teacher who heads Answers in Genesis, the organization behind the Creationist Museum. Strangely enough Ham was one of Noah’s sons, not our Ken Ham, but the father of Canaan who Noah cursed to eternal slavery for seeing him laying naked in his tent after a particularly heavy night on the newly invented vino.

However I digress (as usual) so back to the lunacy that is creationism. Like I say I was going to try to lampoon this utterly farcical notion until I realised how prevalent it is in the US. Now I’m just shocked. No actually I’m afraid, because these people are not just your average loonies, they hold positions of power and authority (no change there I hear you cry), they teach our children for God sake!

So who cares what they think. I do because it is this blind determination to either ignore or selectively interpret genuine research to suit a hard-line fundamentalist religious belief that will strike fear into the very heart and soul of any scientist. How long before these dangerously deluded individuals hold the purse-strings of colleges, universities and research institutes?

How long before the creationists, and other believers in the literal truth of the Bible, use the Curse of Ham, you remember it was his son Canaan who saw Noah in the buff, to once again justify racism and the enslavement of people of African ancestry, who were thought to be descendants of Ham (often called Hamites), either through Canaan or his older brothers. How long before they persecute and drive genuine science and research out in favor of the ‘approved’ creationist view of what is and is not acceptable?

John Morris, president of the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego, an organization that promotes creationism, said the museum will affirm the doubts many people have about science, namely the notion that man evolved from lower forms of life.

Americans just aren’t gullible enough to believe that they came from a fish” he said.

No John, almost half of them are way more fucking gullible than that.